At SimpleLife Home Solutions, it is our goal to work with you to find solutions for your home that work for you and your lifestyle. We offer many services to help you make the most of the spaces in your home, as well as tips and tricks to help keep your home and family organized and running smoothly.

SimpleLife Home Solutions can help with all the areas of your home!

  • Closets
  • Kitchen and pantry
  • Home office
  • Kids rooms
  • Play rooms
  • Basements and attics
  • And more!

Once your home is free of clutter and all your belongings are organized, you’ll find that your home will be much easier to maintain and keep tidy. You’ll find yourself feeling more relaxed, with more free time to do the things you love to do. 

Available Services:


Consulting Services Some of our clients just need a little guidance to get them started on organizing their own space. For those clients we offer a 1-2 hour consultation in your home. We’ll look at the space together and discuss your wants and needs for the space. I’ll take photos and measurements, and within a week you’ll receive a detailed “Project Plan” which will guide you in organizing your space. Fee for this service is a flat rate of $75-$100, depending on the size of the space.

Full Organizing Services Some of our clients prefer to have a little more guidance and help in getting their space organized. For those clients, we offer full organizing services. This service begins with the Initial Consult mentioned above. After the Project Plan is approved by you, I will work with you side by side to declutter and organize your space. Fee for this service is $40 per hour after the initial consultation, plus the cost of any storage units, bins etc that are required to complete the job.

Organizational Coaching Services Many clients reach out to a Professional Organizer because they are overwhelmed with not only how to get their home organized, but also how to maintain it once it’s organized. My Coaching Services will help teach you tricks, tips and proven methods for keeping your home and family organized, reducing stress and giving you more time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Fee for this service is $40 per hour.

Room Repurposing Services Do you have “Junk Room” in your home that you’d like to turn into a functional, usable space like a home office or guest room? Or are you an “empty nester” who would love to turn your kid’s old playroom into a craft or sewing room? SimpleLife Home Solutions can help you repurpose any space in your home that no longer suits your needs, and help you create a room you’ll love. Fee for this service is $100 for the initial consultation and Plan of Action, $40/hour for additional services.

Home Staging Services Are you planning to put your home on the market? If so, SimpleLife Home Solutions can help you get your home ready for a quick sale. “Staging” a home for sale means removing all clutter, and setting the home up in a way that potential buyers can imagine their own belongings in the home. Studies show that staged homes sell much quicker than homes that are not staged. Fee for this service is $40 per hour.

**New!** "Quick Start Special!
This is the perfect service for those who want/need to see some results immediately. We'll go through the areas of your home that have piles and chaos, and just jump right in to getting some of that clutter under control. Quick Start appointments are three hours long... and you'll be amazed at what we can accomplish in that time. Fee for this service is $120. 

 Custom Organizing Services SimpleLife Home Solutions is also available to assist with other organizing/clean out projects, such as estates, moves, and room repurposing. Call or email for a custom quote.

Call or email today to get started on your way to a peaceful, organized home!